Adjusting a portable carport

Portable carports are amazing structures. They can be carried anywhere you wish, move them from one place to another. It can protect your car anywhere you go.
There are some things that you may need to adjust after you buy the kit. If you need to do this, remove the car and any items from the carport.

Adjusting the height

Many of the portable carport kits offer 3 or 4 extra inches. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments, like if the ground isn’t level or if you just need some extra space for your car. It all depends on the needs.

Adjusting the poles

If you have mounted the carport and you see that is coming loose, then you need to check the pole stakes. Adjust them so that they go deeper in the ground. If your carport kit doesn’t have adjustable poles, then put them in such an angle that they go outside the tent. It will gain more stability this way.

Adjusting the canopy

Sometimes, the canopy may not be fixed well and it may come loose or off. You will need to check the bindings and adjust them as necessary. Check the tension on each rope. If it doesn’t have tension, then it may be loose or broke.

If, after doing all this, you still have problems with the carport, then it’s time to call the manufacturer. Most kits have a long period of warranty and you should use that. Always take care of the carport because you will save money and also it will have a longer life.

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