Building a gym in your garage

If you do a lot of sports, then you should invest in a home gym. This way you will be fit all the time.


First of all you need to know something about the machines that can be included in a gym.

You need to know what kind of muscles you can work and if they are good for loosing weight or keeping you fit.

Next you need to think about the space that you have. Do you have enough space for the machines? Do you need more or fewer windows? Think about the lighting and the cooling and heating systems.


Decide if you will still need a storage place. If you won’t, then you should consider planning an yard sale and get rid of all the old stuff that you have. Donate the old cloths that are still in good shape. After you have cleared the floor of objects, sweep the floor and the ceiling.

Before you start working, consider insulating the walls. Also consider installing a heating or cooling device. Now it’s also the time for some wiring. Maybe you will want some music while you’re working out. Install the electrical wiring.


You may cover all walls with drywall or just directly paint them. Think about the windows that you have and if you need more or fewer. If you have some big windows more natural light will come on, but people from outside the room will be able to see you.


Because most garages have concrete floors, they are great for transforming in a gym. The heavy machines will fit perfectly and if you damage the floor it can be easily repaired. What you can do to the floor is paint it and seal it.

Buy some mats for floor exercises. The concrete will be to hard for you to do exercises on it.

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