Building a metal carport

Building a metal carport is a do-it-yourself job. It’s easy to do and most of the times it can be done by just one person. Most of the kits come with instructions that can aid you in the process.

Materials Needed

  • Carport Kit
  • Lumber
  • Basic Construction Tools
  • Concrete Mix
  • L Brackets
  • Level
  • Tape Measure

The foundation

Even though the carport isn’t a permanent structure, it still needs a good foundation. The best foundation is a concrete slab. If you do have a concrete space in your garden, then you can use that. The only thing you need to have in mind is to have enough space forthe carport.

If you need to build one, then se some 2×4’s to make a small retaining wall. Pour the concrete and always make sure that it has the right size and the level is the same all way around. Let the concrete to fully dry.

Owner’s manual

Before starting the installation process make sure that you have read the owner’s manual. There might be some detailed instructions about the carport kit that you need to know.

The rails

Now, install the bottom rails, which are actually part of the carport’s frame. If you can, bolt the rails into the concrete, but be sure that you don’t damage them, or interfere with the rest of the frame.

Uprights and girts

Uprights are also part of the frame, and they are used to support the roof. You will have at least 4 uprights, one for each corner, but their number depends on the size of the carport. Now you can position each upright on the bottom rail and then mount the upper rail, or you can mount the upper rail on some of them and then fix them on the bottom rail.

Girts are support pieces mounted on the sides of the carport. They may not be present on some models. Fix them after you attach the uprights.

Trusses and purlins

Trusses are the main pieces that support the roof structure. They go from one side to another. Purlins offer extra support for the roof and on some models they may not be present.

Roof and sides

After you have finished the frame you can start on the roof and side panels. It doesn’t really matter which one you install first. Be sure that the roof has a slight slope so that water doesn’t accumulate.

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