Building the ideal garage apartment

If you think of extending the livable space in your home, and want to build a room on your garage (or even transform the gaarge), first of all you’ll need to make sure the legislation permits you to do so.


A garage apartment will need at least 4 electrical outlets. This is not a thing you need to get concerned because many garages are equipped with outlets.

In the worst case scenario you’ll need to move some outlets depending of your design ideas.


First of all, if you want to live in it, you’ll need to make it as comfortable as your home. This means painting the walls. Also the concrete slab will need some treatment too.

The garage door may need to be screwed in place to prevent it from opening.


Be sure the slab is completely clean. You should use some acid wash or garage floor cleaner. You can buy these from any supply center. Install baseboards as necessary. These should be caulked to the wall and the floor with a good grade of paintable caulk.


This is a big step in changing the appearance of the room. Start with the ceiling and then continue to the walls. You should rent an airless high pressure paint sprayer. This way you’ll paint the room much faster. Do the wall painting before you do any floor installation.


Usually, garage floors are covered in vinyl tiles or ceramic because of the fluids that use to leak on the floor. This is because most garages are meant to store cars.

After painting the room, you should clean the floors again. Use a mild acid wash.


Every garage has an electrical receptacle in the ceiling. This makes it very easy for you to install a light fixture. Floor lamps are also great to use.

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