Converting a garage into a small house

This is one of the best ways to extend the living space of a house. Especially if the kids have grown up and need some intimacy. Before you start this project you need to think it clear.
It may require a lot of time and labor although you will save a lot of money.

Cost considerations

Converting a garage into a small house is cheaper than adding another room to your house. This way you cut all the costs involving the building of a new foundation, plus that you will encounter many structural problems. If the garage is well built and has all the utilities included, than it will get even cheaper.

If you compare the costs from moving to a bigger space and redecorating the garage, than you will see that you’re saving thousands of dollars. These money can be invested in interior or exterior design. This way, the garage can be transformed in a heaven of comfort and relaxation.

Attached or detached

One of the most important factors in the planning of garage conversion is whether or not the garage is attached or not to the house.

Attached garages have more benefits, as climate control can be achieved directly from the house and the access can be made as well from the house. Also you can convert the garage into a master bedroom or into a room that is often used.

A detached garage offer it’s benefits too. For instance you can be more independent in a detached garage. You have more intimacy and a lot more silence. These types of garages are best for studios or creation workshops. You can also convert it in an office.

Additional consideration

You need to consider the needs of your home and the space available when you’re thinking of garage transformation. Where will your car be parked? Is the garage big enough to house the car and a studio?

If the garage is mainly used for storage, than the best alternative is to buy a portable storage shed and just convert it to a studio or a small house.

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