Determine the size of an electric heater based on garage height

During the winter it’s recommended to have a source of heat installed in your garage if you use it for other purposes than just shelter for your cars. An electric heater is often the best choice in this case because it doesn’t require gas hookups, it’s quite easy to install and offers the right amount of heat. To find the perfect electric heater, you have to take into consideration the height of the ceiling and the size of your garage.

  • Measure the garage

First, find out the dimensions of your garage-the height, the width and the length (in feet). Multiply the width by the length for finding out the square footage of the room and see if the garage is properly insulated.

  • Choose the type of heater

Garage heaters mounted on the wall or on the ceiling are good for those who need large space in their garage-they save up a lot of room because they just hang from the ceiling or extend from a wall. If the garage has any windows you can choose an electric baseboard heater as you can install it under a window. Another option is a standard wall heater which are mounted on an interior wall. The last option is a portable heater which is good when you want heat just a certain area of the garage.

  • Find out the size of the heater

To find out the size of the heater, you must know if your garage is insulated or not. For an insulated garage, multiply the square feet in the garage by 10. For a little insulated garage, multiply it by 12.5. These are the wattage requirements. If you live in an area with a temperature below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you should use 15 watts/square foot. For every 2 foot increase in the height of the ceiling increase the wattage by 25%.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions

When choosing an electric heater, you should take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as the climate in your area and the temperature you wish to have in your garage. Matching the size of your garage with the size of the heater is always a must! For greater safety, you can choose a heater provided with a tip-over safety switch which works like this: when it’s tipped-over, the heater automatically turns off. You can plug it directly into a wall or by using a heavy-duty extension cord.

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