Electric heaters: a cheap and efficient way to heat your garage

As unbelievable as it may sound, electric heaters heat only the objects (not the air!) in a room. These electric heaters function based on infrared technology. You may now wonder how is this possible and what infrared technology is.

Well, the heating based on infrared represents the transfer of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. The heater thus radiates heat towards an object that absorbs the energy at a certain wavelength. This wavelength then radiates heat towards other wavelengths, which in turn re-radiate wavelengths.

You must know that infrared heaters don’t depend on the air movement in order to transfer heat. All this blabber about wavelengths has actually a basic sense:  this wave transfer of thermal energy is the same as the sun gives out heat to the earth. Get it? Now that you know this, don’t you feel that infrared technology sounds a bit overrated?

What should I choose?

Regarding the variety of electric heaters that today’s world market offers us, they come in a range of sizes, colors and designs. You can choose between wall-mounted, pole-mounted, stand-alone units; ceramic, quartz or glass heaters.

Tip: The ceramic ones are usually recommended as the best. So if you were worried that you don’t have enough where to choose from, forget it. There’s an appliance for every taste.

A practical & cheap solution for warming your cars

Car owners with a garage should now pay a little attention. If you can’t stand getting into your car during winter just to feel the same freezing air every morning, what would you say about an infrared electric heater? Before answering you have to know that it consumes 50% less energy than a classic space heater and the price is under 200$. Infrared heaters have actually the capacity of healing your body, unlike other heaters that irritate your skin and dry out your tissues.

Remember: It’s important to find a product that has an advantageous price-quality proportion!

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