Electric or gas heaters?

Garage heaters are probably the best solution for heating a garage in an efficient and cheap way. If you have an insulated garage, installing a heater could result in straining off your home’s heating system. Even if your house is provided with heating vents, a part of the heat could be lost due to the construction of the garage.

With today’s variety, picking a heater for your garage could cause you a little headache, but once you’ve decided between an electric heater and a gas one, the job is half done.

Electric heaters

Let’s start with the electric ones. They consist of a fan and of electric coil heating elements. They are easy to install, don’t make any noise while heating and they consume a small amount of energy. But here comes the main disadvantage: electricity costs more than gas and most of them are not enough for heating a medium garage. It’s not recommended to buy a small electric heater with the hope that it will make a difference. It’ll heat just a tiny surface of the garage. Still, when you decide to buy a heater, take into account the fact that installing an electric heater costs less than installing a gas heater.

  • Gas heaters

Now the gas garage heaters. They are like small furnaces and use a flame to combust gas for heating the air which is then moved out by a fan. This type of heaters weren’t such a popular choice because they required for a vent to be installed in the garage, but today vent-less gas heaters are available. The main disadvantage is that installing a gas heater has relatively high costs, as not all garages have a gas line readily wired into them. There is also the concern that they increase the humidity in a room which leads to the creation of mould, but today most of them have oxygen depletion sensors.

As many people store in their garages paints or other chemicals, they run the risk of causing dangerous combustion, as gas heaters use flame to heat the air.

Now that you know the advantages and drawbacks of both types of heaters, you can make your choice. Make sure that your garage is properly insulated so you don’t lose the heat and store any flammable items far from the source of heating. If you think you need extra help, you can always contact a garage service provider.

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