Garage door opening troubleshooting

Extend the life of your garage door and also the safety of your property by periodically checking  the mechanism of your door. Consult the instructions manual to make sure you know how to adjust your garage door properly.

  • Difficulties with up/down limits
    Put the door in closed position and test the opening mechanism to see if it opens completely.
    Otherwise turn the limit-adjustment clockwise. On the other hand, if you have problems closing the door, turn the adjustment conterclockwise.
  • Blocking
    Reversing of the door when trying to close it can be caused by blocked sensors. If the sensor area is cleared, increase the down force to prevent the door from reversing. Increase the force if the door present difficulties while opening.
  • Safety measures
    Make sure your garage door safety reverse system works as it should. The role of this system is to protect people, pets and objects from being trapped in in the closing door. Check the mechanism by placing different objects in the door’s threshold. Turn the clockwise one-quarter if the door does not lifts instantly. After adjusting the mechanism, perform the test again.

Garage door spring replacement

If you are the owner of a property, you probably have experience in repairing and replacing various households. Before starting to replace a garage door spring, be aware of the fact that springs have a lot of tension that can be dangerous . Moreover, if you don’t install the spring properly, you can risk the safety of your pets and family.

The garage door springs must be replaced periodically, no matter what materials they contain. Daily usage will deteriorate the spring. If you notice that your door does not run as it should, verify the springs.

There are two types of garage door springs, designed for extension and for torque. Due to their extreme amount of torque, torsion springs are very dangerous. They sustain the entire door and breaking this torsion springs will cause severe damage to the door. The other type of springs are responsible for the closing system. They can be found on sides and are less dangerous, but replacing the springs by yourself is still  not recommended.

Replacing the springs of your garage door can cause serious injuries because they have a lot of tension. Call professional services to avoid risking your safety. Bad replacement can put in danger your family, this is the main reason why investing money in professional replacement is a wise choice.

Moreover, specialist will repair your door properly, due to their knowledge and expertise, keeping your house safe of burglars and unwanted visitors.

Remote control garage doors

Modern garage doors are equipped with remote control devices, that enable you to open and close the garage door without getting out of the car. This feature saves a lot of your time and effort, especially during bad or cold weather. You can make your life easier if you update your garage door with this invention.

The remote system can be simple, with one single button or more sophisticated, with more buttons. The simple systems can open or close the door by clicking a button, while the complex systems control the opening speed and the light inside the garage.

A safety measure consists in a numeric code that protects your garage from unwanted visitors. Using a code will keep you safer. There exists the possibility that a remote designed for a different door to be able to open your garage door. To avoid this situation, use a numeric code to protect your property.

After installing the remote system, take care of the remote to avoid getting locked inside or outside the garage. Keep your remote in a safe place, out of pets and children reach.

Manufacturers provide universal remote controls, that can adapt to any kind of garage door. Even though your garage door it is not new, you can update it with a remote control system. Enjoy the rides with an easier way of parking your car and entering your house.
If you have troubles with your garage door, call “Garage Door Repair Yonkers”, specialist in this field.

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