Guide for installing a garage vent

Why install a garage vent? Well, a good reason would be that in the summer, entering a garage without any sort of ventilation is like stepping on a bunch of lit coals. Additional reasons may include avoiding the damage caused by heat to the machinery stored inside and permitting the air to flow freely, in order to repel dangerous fumes.

How to do it:

  1. The first step is to purchase the vents, obviously! In this case, more equals better, but if you decide to buy only a few, you should choose the largest ones.
  2. The vents must be placed on at least 2 exterior walls. Here we have 2 situations: for exhaust vents, it’s better if you place them as high as possible. For intake vents, you can use a lower placement. The air must circulate freely in the garage in order to cool it, and by doing so, a light breeze will get inside even when the wind is not blowing.
  3. The hole you cut for fitting the vent must have the same size as that recommended by the manufacturer. For this operation and for any adjustments you can use a circular saw and make sure you insert the vent from the outside to see if it fits!
  4. Using the screws provided by the manufacturer, mount the vent, but only after running a bead of caulk around the edge of the vent. Now check if the caulk is well sealed for keeping water away during heavy rains and storms.
  5. For a larger garage, you can take into consideration the option of purchasing a powered fan. For running any new power lines, you can contact an electrician.
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