Heating and cooling systems for a garage

When it comes to heating and cooling, a garage should get the same attention as the rest of the house, especially if you work or spend long hours in there. If your garage doesn’t have a heating/cooling system don’t worry! There are various methods in which you can heat or cool your garage.

  • Check the insulation

Insulating a garage is a mandatory operation when it comes to heating and cooling, because a properly insulated garage won’t allow the exchange of heat-the cool air will remain outside and the hot one inside; or vice-versa during the summer.

A quick solution for insulating your garage is the foam insulation.

  • Radiant heating

Water-based radiant heating is a popular method of heating your garage. Because the floor of the garage is concrete based (one of the best surfaces for heat), this type of heating is safe from any accidents, as the heating is created in a water boiler.

  • More heating methods

Another efficient and cheap way of heating your garage is the solar heating. But this is useful only if you live in a sunny area. Other method is the pellet stoves. It’s efficient, cheap and can be used to burn leftover sawdust if you have woodwork performed in your garage. You can also install electric heaters and forced air heaters.

  • Cooling systems-air conditioner

A garage needs to be cooled only when it’s located in a very hot area. A portable air conditioner is a good idea if you’re not a fan of a dehumidifier, which is also a cooling method.

  • Evaporative cooling

For the spaces which cannot be cooled by the traditional ways, the solution is the evaporative cooling units, which exist in 2 forms: one which uses a blower that cools, cleans and humidifies the air through a water-soaked filter and the other which removes humidity in the air by using a heat exchanger.

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