How to avoid garage mildew

Mildew takes a short amount of time to get installed and it is not as easy to be removed. It also eliminates an unpleasant and persistent odor. Mildew and mold in general grow in wet and closed rooms, for example basements and garages.

  • Excessive moisture
    In closed environments and in rooms with poor ventilation, the air is filled with moisture. In this type of environment, the condensation will cover the walls and produce mildew.
  • Floors covered with dirt
    As all living fungi, mildew and mold need nutrients to grow. They build  homes in dirty places, filled with germs and organic substances. Garage floor is rich in nutrients and they allow mildew and mold to grow.
  • High temperature
    Insulated environments, such as garages, are warm and damp. This kind of environment produces excessive moisture that encourage mold to grow in colonies.
  • Excessive water
    Infiltrated water, due to cracked doors and windows, broken door seals and leaky roofs determine excessive moisture. This is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to reproduce.

Prevent mildew growth

Mildew grows in dark and damp locations, causing nasty odors, allergies, deterioration and discoloration of the affected area.  These fungi can be prevented from growing if you keep your room dry and clean. Read the following instructions to prevent mildew from setting in your garage ceiling.


  1. Keep the level of your humidity between 30 and 50 percent  by using a dehumidifier. This device will keep the air dry and will prevent mildew colonies.
  2. Ventilate the room and open the windows to eliminate excessive moisture. You can also use an electric or exhaust fan.
  3. Use chemicals that absorb moisture, such as silica gel, activated alumina or anhydrous. These chemicals are toxic so keep the kids away .
  4. If mildew is already installed in your ceiling, scrub the affected area with a brush and some cleaning solution.
  5. Mold can be extremely persistent, so take into consideration replacing your drywall ceiling in order to eliminate the mold.
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