How to build a room above the garage

Some factors to consider

First of all you may encounter some problems related to the legislation of buildings. Do the building codes in your area allow you to construct a room above your garage? Also, if you are allowed to do this, you may not be allowed to keep dangerous substances in the garage.

Unattached garage room addition

The best way to extend the living area of your home is to build a room on a garage that isn’t connected to the house.

This way you will have the basic structure, you will only need some remodeling and finishing techniques.

Beef up the floor

Some garage ceiling are not strong enough to support the load of a room above it. This is because the structure wasn’t meant to do this. You will need to replace the joists or just add some more stronger ones. This will ensure the strong foundation.

Add a staircase

Think where you want to add the staircase and build a frame for it. Use a saw to cut a hole in the ceiling, and then reinforce it with 2-by-10 headers. Then, you can make any type of staircase you want.

Finish interior

Some times you will have an attic above the garage that you want to make it livable. This is just a matter of finishing it off. First of all you’ll need to add some vapor barrier and some insulation. Screw some drywall sheets on the walls and then paint it.

On the floor, you can add a rug, vinyl hardwood or event tiles. Then, just add the furniture.

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