How to build your own carport

If you want to protect your car, but you don’t want something as expensive as a garage, then you should consider building a carport. This isn’t a very hard job to do, so if you are a little enthusiast, you should manage on the project.

Materials that you will need:

  • Beams
  • 6 Posts
  • Rafters
  • End Rafters
  • Galvanized Bolts
  • Joist Hangers
  • Cement
  • Galvanized Angle Bracket


Installing the posts

There is one simple way to to this. Just dig a hole for each post and then put the in. After this, put some concrete in the hole to fix them. One important thing is to make sure that the posts are vertical and aligned with each other. Another method is to set some galvanized post brackets into the cement before it hardens.

Step2. Trim posts

Make sure that all posts are aligned with one another and have the same height. Now you need to cut the back posts 4 inches from the top, so that the ones in the front would be higher. Mark the spots on the rear posts and then cut them. This is needed to allow the water to drain from the roof.

Step3. Attaching the beams

Now, cut two beams on the wished length and then cut a 45-degree angle on each end. Now, make sure that you mount them so that the tops of the beams are flush with the top parts of the posts. Bolt them in with a drill or weld them.

Step4. Cutting rafters

Cut each end of the rafter at a 45-degree angle. Now, like the beams, you need to make sure that they are fixed flush alongside the beams and that they are reinforced with galvanized brackets. Cut 6 more rafters and then fix them with joist hangers by the beams.

Step5. Brace Posts

If the posts haven’t been cemented on to the ground, you will need to brace the posts. Brace them by fixing diagonal wood beams. Create support on each side of the carport.

Step6. Attaching the roof

Now all you need to do is attach the roof material. Use screws to better fix the material and also use a drill to make some holes in the beams.

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