How to buy an air compressor for your garage

The role of a garage air compressor is to inflate the tires of your car and to operate air devices used in your house. Choose a compressor that will satisfy your needs.

  • The capacity of the compressor
    The capacity of a compressor indicates the amount of air they can preserve.
    Most air compressor have their capacity between 1.5 and 17 gallons. For home workshops, large compressors are recommended and for interior projects small and portable  compressors are an excellent choice.
  • Power systems
    Two types of air compressors are available: gas and electric. Gas compressors are recommended for outdoors or ventilated environments, because they run on gas and eliminate vapors. On the other hand, electric compressors can be plugged into wall socket or even cigarette lighter on your car.
  • Pounds per square inch (PSI)
    Depending on the amount of power they produce, air compressors can run from 150 to 200 PSI ( pounds per square inch). More pounds per square inch means more force for your compressor.
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