How to transform your garage into a theatre

Before you start doing any improvements to your garage, search on the internet for some home theater rooms and see how they are organized and what furniture should you use. Then you can follow the next steps.

Renovating the garage

  • you need to have a proper air-flow circulation.
    You need to feel comfortable while you’re in the room. This can be achieved by installing an air conditioner or a heater.
  • the floors will need some finishing. The easiest way to give them a great look and feel is to put some carpets.
  • the doors need to be sealed. Light should get in and for better performance you should insulate the walls with acoustic tiles.

Home theater

Now you need to pay some attention to the theater itself. First of all you will need a good sound system and a projector or an LCD. If you don’t know what to buy, you can always call a professional that will help you to install the systems and also will give you advice on the brands that are better for you.

Lighting the theater

A good theater experience is always better with some quality lighting. Don’t install the lights facing the screen. When you go buy the lighting fixtures, ask the sales consultant what type of fixtures will you need to create the right ambiance.

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