How to upgrade your garage door

If you want to improve the aspect of your property, you don’t necessary have to buy something new or redecorate the entire house. Sprucing up your house and garden will make your residence look fresh and attractive, no matter how long you’ve been living there. The exterior influences a lot the aspect of your whole property and also the price of the residence, if you want to sell it.

A nice and modern garage will improve the curb appeal.

After you decide about the aspect of your dream house and pick a theme and a color, adjust your garage door to fit the new style. If your garage door is rusty, old and outdated, replacing it is a good option. You can choose the door that you want and that will fit the style of your house. If your garage door is in good shape, you might consider redecorating it or even painting it. Ask experts if you want to be aware of all possibilities you have.

No matter what style you chose, modern or traditional, you will find a door that will match your style. You can decide the style of your entire house depending on the style of your garage door, then getting fitted windows and decorations.

Manufacturers provide custom made garage doors. You get to choose the material (aluminum, wood, cooper or steel), the color and also the size. Experts can recommend you various combinations, if you are not decided.

Getting the house of your dreams, including an upgraded garage door will increase your satisfaction and also the value of the house if you are interested in selling it. Experts can help you through the entire process, from choosing the model of your garage door to having a property with increased curb appeal.

Upgrading your garage door

Upgrading your garage door can bring a lot of advantages. You can install a system that will make your door faster. This will make a lot of difference if you are in an emergency situation and you need your door to open faster. You can also install a remote for your garage door or a touch pad.

Modern garage doors are more durable, and have longer warranties. If you choose a new door, its motor will last longer and the provider will offer you complete services, from picking the suitable garage door to installing and updating it.

Manufacturers provide a wide range of garage doors. For example aluminum doors are durable and can be found in any color you want. Aluminum doors are a little noisy, but they can last for decades if you offer them proper maintenance. Aluminum is a very modern material, that will match various styles of houses. Find a provider in your area and find more about all types of garage doors.

Providers offer complete services, so once you pick a garage door they can do all the work. They can even install your garage door while you are gone.

New garage doors offer safety pass code, that will allow you to enter the garage even when you lock yourself out. You can program the pass code to set an alarm if the code is guessed wrong. You can use the garage door to enter the house not only when you are in the car, but also on foot. The safety system will prevent the door from closing when someone is passing through and will open quickly to avoid waiting.

Installing the garage door

Garage doors are heavy, complex and quite difficult to install. Many manufacturers provide complete services, including delivery to your home, removing the old door and installing the new one.

If you are interested in installing your garage door by yourself and you also want to save some money, read the following instructions to guide you through installation.

A safe choice is a sectional garage door, having a torsion spring system , more safer than a normal torsion model.  The doors with  torsion-spring mechanism are dangerous because they are under great tension. For this kind of doors, call professionals.


  1. Attach the weatherstripping  in the bottom of the panel one , then stabilize the panel in the doorway by fixing nails partway in the jambs of the door. After fixing the door, look for hinges to see if they are attached. If they are not, attached the hinges in their place.
  2. Read the instruction manual to find out how to put together all the components of the track.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s indications to install and fix the brackets and the rollers. Place the rollers on the first door section.
  4. Repeat the procedure for the second section and set the rollers in the right place.
  5. Fix the hinges, using a screwdriver attached to a power drill. The process will become easier if you use a power drill.
  6. For the third section, use the same instructions. Fix the top plates on the wall, for both vertical tracks. Because the door will exert notable force, place the lag screws deeply in the framing members.
  7. Place the jamb brackets into tracks and verify if the lag screws deeply penetrate the framing. Keep the lag screws loose to allow adjustments.
  8. Follow the instructions to place the curved and horizontal tracks into position.
  9. Adjust the length of the track by cutting it, then mount it to the hanger. Perform the same procedure for the horizontal track.
  10. Install the torque tube that comes with the door and test the alignment of the system. Lift the door for about 4 feet and adjust the tracks by tightening  them.
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