How to vent a garage with screened vents

Venting a garage is a must-do and there are various ways of doing it. Installing different types of vents inside or around your garage is the most efficient method, and therefore more and more owners decide to do this. Installing screened vents is one of these methods and if you follow these simple steps, the success of your work is guaranteed!

You’ll need:

  • metal air vents
  • pencil
  • caulk
  • paint
  • circular saw and screwdriver


  1. Metal vents have different dimensions but it’s recommended that you use 12-by-12 inch metal screened vents.
    To allow the air to circulate freely in and out of the garage you should buy at least 2 vents.
  2. This step is optional, but if you want your garage to look neat and pretty, you should do it. Paint the screened vents in the same color as your walls. Tip: Use spray paint for a more practical operation.
  3. If you’re thinking about the best position for your vents, you must know that the higher you place them, the better, as this helps the hot air being pulled out of the garage. Mark the spot where you will install the vents with a pencil.
  4. With a cordless drill, make a guide hole to begin the circular saw’s cut. Now cut the hole for each vent. The hole has to be 11-by-11 inch bigger, for giving room to attach the vent.
  5. Use a screwdriver to tighten the provided screws and attach the vents to the sides of the holes you’ve made.
  6. To be sure that there will be no water leaks, it’s recommended you caulk around the edges of each vent.
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