Installing soffit vents in a garage

Soffit vents are very important if you want your roof to remain intact by eliminating condensation during winter and keeping the upper side of the house ventilated in the summer. These kind of vents are installed under the lower border of the roof and they must have a roof vent for creating a good airflow. The secret with this vents is that they lower your electric bill and, believe it or not, it’s quite easy to do it yourself.

In this process, you’ll need:

  • hammer
  • drill
  • nail
  • jigsaw
  • cardboard
  • ladder
  • protection goggles
  • scissors&marker


  1. For this project to run as smooth as possible, you should know that following local codes regarding the placement distance between vents is a vital thing. The local code has the role of protecting your house given the local weather. Now that you know this, take a ladder and climb into the garage attic (or where the roof trusses intersect with the outside walls).
  2. Next step is to locate the position for the vent in the soffit of the roof. The position has to be close enough (or under a truss) in order for the vent to be screwed or nailed into it. Place a piece of cardboard on the vent, draw its outline and cut a stencil which has to be 1 inch (2,5 cm) smaller than the contour.
  3. Put the cardboard on the soffit, centered in its width. Now hammer a nail or drill a hole in the middle of the cardboard contour.
  4. Take your ladder and get to the outside of the house, placing it under the intended side of the vent. Put the piece of cardboard over the hole drill and draw a contour of the cardboard on the soffit. Now all you have to do is cut out the outline with a saw and insert the soffit by fixing it with a nail.
  • Soffit vents are available in: circular, rectangular and octagon shape.
  • An alternative for soffit vents is perforated soffit.
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