Modifying a portable carport

Portable carports offer a good alternative to garages. They offer protection for your cars at a much lower price than normal garages. They are simple structures that you can make all by yourself.


The most common addition to any carport is siding. This depends on the way you want the carport to look. The cheapest way to cover the carport is by buying some duty nylon or canvas covers. This will protect your car from any winds, debris, rain or snow, but isn’t as durable and it won’t protect your car as much as other covers, like aluminium or steel roofs. If you have a wood carport, then some treated plywood will do the trick.

Weights for carports

Another popular addition is to add weights to your carport so that it has more stability. Sand bags are the easiest fix but manufacturers can also provide weight anchors. Concerning durability, you can also buy screens for sun, wind, rain and stains protection.


If you have a fabric carport, a common feature that can be added is a spacer. This will raise the roof of the carport, making it easier for you to protect bigger cars, like SUVs and trucks.


You can also add lights to your carport. The easiest way to do this is to add a clamping fixture. You can just attach it to the frame. Then you will need to pull an outdoor outlet to supply the light. If you want a more permanent solution, you should think of burying a cable specially for outdoor use.

Wood carports

Although wooden carports are a little more expensive than metal carports, they offer a wider range of customization. With just a few tools and some knowledge on carpentry, you can add hooks and shelves to the sides of the carport. With wood carports you just need a little imagination.

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