Mounting a garage heater in the ceiling

Garages are becoming more and more important, and they are used for more than just parking your car. There are many different ways for transforming the garage space into a more comfortable one and also for improving the utility if the place. If you are using the garage more and more often, and for longer periods of time, you should think of trying to heat the place.
One of the best ways to do this is by installing a ceiling heater.

Tools and Materials

  • Garage Heater
  • Mounting Kit
  • Electric Screw Driver

Types of heaters

Electric heater are great for this project. They can be mounted anywhere, as long as power source exists. They don’t need a ventilation unit so they can be used anywhere. You can also fix the heater to the ceiling. It has many safety features integrated. So when it overheats, it turns off.

Propane heaters are also great, only that they need a vent in order to eliminate the gaseous emissions. They have a more complex system and they surely can’t be fixed by the ceiling.


If you decide on using a heater, no matter the type, you should see if there are any special regulations and if you need a special permit for that. Obtain the permit if necessary.

Purchasing the heater

When you go buying the heater, you should buy one that is big enough to heat the entire garage. This way you will be more cost efficient. If the heater is too small for the space, then it will use more energy to heat it up.

Manufacturers instructions

Before installing the kit, read the manual to see if there are any special instructions for it.

Mount the brackets

Use the kit that came with the ceiling heater. Mount the brackets to the rafters on your garage ceiling. Use a power screwdriver to aid yourself. Mount the unit.

Wiring the unit

First of all, turn off the power from your main electricity panel. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Some heater come with a plug that can be plugged directly into an outlet.


Mount the thermostat on the wall, if the unit comes with such a device.

Testing the unit

Turn on the electricity and then test the unit. Check the circulation of the heat.

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