Repairs and maintenance for your door garage

Even though garage doors have a simple aspect, their system is complex, mainly for electric ones. Because a garage door is exposed to harsh weather, they can suffer from many kind of problems.

Garage maintenance

A frequent damage of a garage doors consists in problems with lifting and lowering it.

For electric doors, check if the system  works fine manually, by disconnecting the electric mechanism. If the door runs smoothly after releasing the cord or lever, the electric opener is damaged. Search for more information in product’s manual or call a professional if the damage is serious.

If the problem is due to the spring, call a professional to help you repair the garage door. Garage springs are exposed to heavy duty and loads, and they can suffer from severe damages.

If you have trouble while locking your garage door, check for loose screws and tighten or even replace them to make the mechanism work.

Protect your wood door by repainting it every year or two.  Paint your door both on the inside and on the outside to avoid warping and peeling or the material.

Garage doors are very heavy and they can run badly in time. Those difficulties due to daily use can be prevented if you periodically check for loose springs, hinges and other hardware components.

Make your rollers and hinges run smoothly by applying lubricate oil to their moving parts. Also verify the screws, bolts and nuts to be well tightened.

Check the tracks and make sure they are aligned. Otherwise adjust the track with a hammer to replace it in the right position.

A more serious problem appears if your door sags when it is in raised position. Install reinforcing strips or rods to solve the problem of you door until you replace it with a roll-up one.

Garage repairs

If your garage door doesn’t work anymore, if you have to force it to function, if you have trouble when closing and opening it, call professionals to help you fix the door. Professionals will offer you complete services, from minor repairs to complete removal.

Do not underestimate the importance of your garage door. Beside functionality and aspect, a garage door that works properly will protect your property from burglars. If you call professionals to repair your garage door, you will be sure that your door will be repaired without complications.

Broken doors can expose your house to burglary and also cause you trouble when trying to get your car in or out of garage. Professionals provide complete repair services, including fixing broken springs, cables, rollers or even rusted trucks.

Repair companies pay a lot of attention to details, such as having all the panels aligned. If one panel is rusted or bent, your door won’t run smoothly. The experts will fix the panels and also the springs it they are broken. Repairing or replacing springs can be very dangerous because they have a great amount of tension.

If the entire neighborhood hears when you open your garage door, you should call professionals to  make the mechanism less noisy. With prices that can fit your budget, you can have a functional and silent garage door, that represents no risk for you and your family.

Replace or repair your garage door?

If your garage door doesn’t work anymore try some common repair tips before replacing the door. Sometimes minor repairs can make your door work properly and also save you some money. Before buying a new garage door, try the tips bellow.

  • Control the metal tracks
    The sistem that enables the door to lift and tuck into the garage uses metal tracks. Check those trucks to be sure they are still in place and well tightened.
  • Check for bolts and nuts to be tightened
    Loose nuts and bolts can block the system of your door and jam it while closing or opening. Make sure your bolts and nuts are well tightened or replace the broken ones.
  • Keep the rollers and the tracks clean
    Dirty rollers and tracks can prevent your garage door from running smoothly. Check them to make sure there is no debris. Otherwise use normal dish soap to remove dirt and sludge. After cleaning, the system of your garage door should be cleared away and able to run properly. You can also use some lubricant oil to make your garage door more performant.
  • Verify the springs
    Check the springs of your garage door to make sure their tension is proper. Otherwise adjust or even replace the springs to make your door work as it should. If the pulley system is in bad shape you can replace it too.
    If your gararge door has only one spring placed in the center, repairing it can be dangerous. In this case it is recommended to call a professional  to avoid accidents.
  • Inspect the hardware
    Control the entire system of your door. Look especially for loose components, such as hinges. If they are not in good shape anymore, replace them and your door will function better.
  • Verify the opening system
    If your garage door is electric,  check the batteries or call the manufacturerer to find out how you can replace the system.

Before buying a new garage door, check once again all its components. Minor repairs can be done instead of calling professionals to replace the entire door.

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