The perfect garage heater in winter

What’s more relaxing that spending a cold winter day in your warm and cosy home? But there comes a certain part of the day when you have to get into the garage and start your car to go to work. It’s not a pleasant thought when you imagine it: having to struggle yourself to start the engine, feeling the cold air in the garage in your body. This image can be easily turned into a pleasant one by finding the right heater for your garage during winter.

There are many types of heaters available, but the perfect one has to be efficient and consume as little as it can. Now let’s see what we have:

Propane garage heaters

According to research, propane garage heaters will heaten your garage and lower your utility bills. Here we have portable propane heaters and radiant heaters which require a propane tank. While these 2 types are described as effective, you can have something better and that is: an “attached” propane heater, which is (as its name suggests) attached in your garage, instead of a handheld type.

These type of attached heaters use natural gas or propane and they put out enough BTU’s (British Thermal Units) to keep warm even a garage designed for 3 cars! For your electricity bills to be low, it’s recommended to use a heater based on propane.

A propane heater has the ability to create enough warm to feel cosy, but remember that these heaters work at their full capacity only if your garage is properly insulated.

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