Tips and ideas for heating a garage

If you own a garage, the chances are that you won’t use it solely fo the purpose of storing things in it, so if you spend some time in your garage, it’s implied that you will have to bring a source of heat in it.Heating a garage is not such a hard job and these tips and ideas will help you make this in the blink of an eye!

An electric heater

An electric heater will prove a good idea if you have enough money. They are easy to install, clean and silent.

They can be found in many forms, sizes and colors and include baseboard, ceiling-mounted and portable heaters. Baseboard heaters are the least used because they can be easily hit by cars and they represent a high risk if any inflammable items are left near them.

A propane heater

Propane heaters can be mounted on the ceiling, on the floor or on the wall and like electric ones, they also exist in various sizes and designs. Their main advantage is that they aren’t very expensive and they can be even set on timer so that your garage will be heated even when you’re not at home. There are certain types of propane heaters provided with a built-in fan for better ventilation of the heat. Installing a propane tank at your residence should be taken into consideration if you choose a built-in propane heater.

A portable heater

Portable heaters can function with electricity, propane or kerosene. If you use a heater based on the last 2, it’s recommended to vent your garage properly. For a kerosene heater, be careful where you put it-if you accidentally knock it down, you run a great risk of starting a fire. If you take measures according to the warnings above, portable heaters are a great choice because they aren’t expensive and they can heat whatever garage part you want!

A wood stove

This type of heater is useful especially if you work with wood and you don’t have to actually pay any money on wood to keep yourself warm. You have to be careful when installing a wood stove because you have to leave some space between the walls and other combustibles and also install a chimney. It’s not recommended to use a wood stove if you want to heat your garage when you’re not there.

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