Tips&tricks for finding the right heater for your garage

Nowadays, using your garage as a storing space for your vehicles has become a second utilization. Families let their kids play in the garage, people with different hobbies see it as a work space and some even go there to relax. All these stages through which a classic garage has been through have made it compulsory for the owners to think about installing something that will make the garage warm and cosy.

Finding a heater to suit your space from all points of view is not an easy task but before making a purchase decision, learn some tips & tricks that can prove very useful in the hunt for a heater.

Electric heaters

Most people find the heat from an electric heater unobtrusive and quiet. Moreover, you don’t have to own a fancy ventilation system. They do have a drawback and that is: they can become expensive if they’re used for a long period of time. If you want to heat only a small area instead, portable electric heaters might be just the thing for you.

Propane heaters

Another type is represented by propane heaters. They have a few positive aspects: they are capable of emitting lot of heat and the propane is cheap and highly available. When considering this option you should know that you’ll have to install a tank of propane outside the garage and keep in mind that propane heaters are appropriate only for medium-sized garages.

Kerosene heaters

Kerosene heaters give out a lot of heat, works on electricity and forces the hot air inside the garage. If you’re going to buy this type of heater, make sure your area is properly ventilated because they emit toxic fumes. Kerosene heaters are more expensive than the others but they are highly effective, especially because they have the ability to heat a large area in a short time.

Tip: A forced air fan heater might be used for larger garages.

When choosing a heater you should also take into consideration the size of your garage, the type of your ventilation system and the period for which you need the heater.

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