Transform your garage into a room

If you’ve decided to add a new room to your garage, or convert it into a room, then you should manage to easily do the job, as long as the foundation is set and you have the walls and the roof installed.

Adding or renovating

Adding or renovating depends on your needs. If you want a new master bedroom, then you should renovate the garage, and if you want a small workplace then you should just add a new room.


Sometimes you may need a permit for construction, even if you’re just installing a new electrical wiring. Just visit the local zoning office to make sure that you avoid any problems related to permits.


In case you have decided to add a room, then you should know that you will have to deal with drywall and of course some electrical wiring. If you don’t have any experience, then you should hire a contractor.

Even if you’re converting the whole garage into a room, you’ll still need to add some drywall sheets on the wall and even some insulation. You should do this because most garages are basic constructions. They don’t offer proper insulation and air flow. You should also think about air conditioner units.


Every garage has concrete flooring. It’s not that bad. You can buy some carpets or install some laminate flooring. The easiest way to cover the floors is with carpet tiles.


The ceiling might need some redecoration too. You should install a drop drywall ceiling to cover any imperfections of the old ceiling. Also use some nice light fixtures to give a friendly light to the room.


Most garage windows are small or they probably don’t exist. If the garage is converted into a bedroom, it will surely need some natural light. Be sure to install only energy-efficient windows.

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