Transforming your garage into a studio

Before you start

First of all you need to think about the permits that you will need to do the remodeling or the building. You will need to talk with the competent authorities.

Doors and windows

You need to think if you need doors or windows.

Think if you want to keep the old entrance or if you want to make a new one. Natural light is very good for a studio, so it’s best to have windows.


You will need electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. The good part is that almost all garages have outlets and illumination. Call an electrician if you need to move any outlets.


Depending on what your studio will need to use, the plumbing may be necessary. Many garages already have pipes. If you don’t want a bathroom, you will need at least a sink.


First of all will need to insulate the walls, especially if you want to use the studio all year around. Another thing is choosing the colors of the walls.

If you want to use only a part of a garage, you may need to install some fake walls, from drywall sheets. Calculate the space you’ll need with great care.


You need to be very careful with the floors. First of all you will need to clean them completely before you lay any rugs or carpets. You can also install wood floors or vinyl tiles.


You need to think about shelves, closets or desk spaces, but this depends on the domain you’re working in.

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