Types of garage heaters

Heating a garage is something that you shouldn’t postpone, especially in winter and especially if you spend time in there. With today’s technology and progress, garage heaters come in all colors, sizes, designs and prices. You don’t know what type of heater to choose? The size and the purpose of the garage play an important role when taking this decision, but for extra details read the following options:

Electric heater

An electric heater is today the most popular choice among the garage owners.

Between these, those controlled by a wall thermostat-baseboard models-are the most recommended because they offer safety and lot of heat. Electric heaters cannot heat a large surface and for this reason they are recommended only for small garages.

Natural gas heater

Because we saw what electric heaters are good for small garages, natural gas heaters work best for large dimensions garages. They take up a lot of room and they are permanent, so for this reason the location of the heater must be carefully chosen.

Propane heater

These are viable because you can choose between portable and permanent types and some of them even have thermostats. These heaters can also give out a large quantity of heat and therefore heat a room fast. Propane heaters are safetier than kerosene heaters, but you have to make sure that your garage is properly ventilated.

Kerosene heater

Kerosene heaters are a good choice because they come in various sizes, so they work for different-sized garages. They are easy to operate and some are provided with a thermostat. But like any other type, they have a few disadvantages: the kerosene has a particular smell that may be unpleasant and it can give out smoke if it’s not operated according to the instructions. If you choose to purchase a kerosene heater, remember it’s important to have proper ventilation in your garage!

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