Various garage heaters

In the cold winter days, when you don’t want to get outside even if it is only for 5 minutes, entering your freezing garage doesn’t seem like a pleasant option either. Beside the cold shivers you’ll experience inside your garage, your car will also be unheated and will not welcome you to get in it. All these bad experiences have a simple solution: garage heaters! They are cheap, efficient and having one installed in your garage will help you avoid a sudden change of climate.

  • Gravity vented heaters

These types of heaters are appropriate for a clean, properly vented garage, because they require particular vent pipe routing systems. Specialists recommend vertical ventilation, but you can also get your job done with a side wall venting. These heaters have as main advantages the following: they are cheap and compact. Regarding the installation process, if you pay attention and read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions, it shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Power vented heaters

They are quite similar to the gravity vented heaters, as they rely on positive pressure and a clean atmosphere, but power vented heaters have something more which makes them popular: a booster fan. This fan is connected to an integral flue vent which helps to direct the combustion byproducts outside your garage. These heaters work well with vertical venting, but also with side wall vents, as the first ones require bigger installation costs.

  • Separated combustion heaters

These heaters don’t use the air within the heated space and they’re entirely sealed away from the space of the garage. They differentiate from other types of heaters by having 2 flue vent pipes which have separate purposes: one vent draws in the air from the outside and the other releases combustion byproducts outside. They have become popular mainly because they don’t use the air which had already been heated for combustion.

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