Ways to vent a garage

Owning a garage implies much more things than cleaning and storing things in it. Garages must be vented, mainly because they are not provided with a ventilation system like the rest of the house and they are likely to get hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Below are presented various ways of venting a garage:

  1. The most basic method is maybe opening a window.
    Even if it seems like a “drop in the ocean”, you will be amazed by how efficient this method is. This operation will create a light breeze of air, which will be amplified if your garage has 2 windows.
  2. Also for the garages which have windows, you can place a box fan in the window and then close it right on top of the fan to keep it in place. If the outside is colder than the interior of the garage, you should install your fan to face inward, so the outside air will be pulled in. If the air in your garage is stale, you should turn your fan to face outward, so the inside air will be pulled out. For extra-ventilation you can leave a small crack open at the bottom of the door.
  3. Install a vent on the roof. This idea could also work, if you don’t have other room above it. Use a circular saw/compass saw to cut a hole (its dimensions must fit those of the vent) in the point of the roof. Now put the vent in the hole and attach it with the nails or other accessories that came with it.
  4. Other method is to install vents inside the garage. Vents installed on the ground of the garage increase air flow even more. Those which are attached on the sides of the garage can be installed in the same way as roof vents. If you want to, you can add a few vents that fit between the studs.
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