What mistakes to avoid in the transformation process of a garage

Garage remodeling can be a very exciting job and sometimes you can get carried away. This is the time when you need to control and think clearly about the mistakes that you can do. Here are some pieces of advice for you for avoiding problems.

Acquiring a permit

Sometimes you will need a permission only to redecorate a building not just for building one. Check the local authorities if you need some special permits for the jobs that you plan to do. The authorities are mostly concerned about the exterior look of a building. They don’t want you to obstruct or have a bad influence for the rest of the building in your area.

Work required

First of all you need to think about the utility of the garage. If you want to transform the place into a living space, then you may consider insulating the room, install a ventilation system, heating system, paint the walls, drainage system. Also you will need a water supply and maybe gas.

If you will use the place only for your car, you will need only insulation and an electrical system .


don’t treat this project like a simple one. If you’re not on a tight budget, consider hiring a contractor. You may also ask some advice from one about the price of the materials, about some remodeling processes.


Think about the floor that you will need to install. Also think about the entrances. Should you make another one? Also you should think about the furniture that you can buy or have and the way it will look in the room.

Be careful with the remodeling process because it’s not a kids play. If you don’t have any knowledge or experience with redecoration then you should ask for some advice or even hire someone to do the job for you. Also you need to know that this is a time consuming job .

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