Blooming flowers after deadhead

The most effective way for a plant to produce as many flowers and to go into overdrive, is to deadhead, that is to remove dried flowers. Depending on the type and variety, plants can respond differently to this.

How to do it


Start deadhead when a plant’s flowers begin to fade in color and the petals begin to shrivel and dry out.

2. Tall plant’s flowers with long and thin stems must to be cut off at the base of the rods.

3. Bushy plants with a lot of little flowers must be deadheaded using handheld grass shears or small hedge clippers, even if not all the flowers withered. For good results, you have to trim the whole plant at once.

4. Use a knife or scissors to deadhead other plants, or simply by using your hands.

5. Shorten perennial and annual plants with damaged foliage in order to help them grow more buds and fresh foliage the following year.

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