Buying a gas powered rotary mower

The best choice that you have to finish the job fast as possible is a self propelled mower.

  • If your lawn is in a steep and the area is quite large, then you should consider buying a self-propelled mower.
  • Decide on the type of the mower: with a bag for the cut grass, mulching or side-discharging.
    Mowers with grass area great if you don’t want gather the cut grass off the lawn. Side-discharging mowers blow the grass on one side, and mulching mowers chop the grass very fine and then blows it back into the lawn. These are great for fertilizing the lawn, but do you want to do this all the time?
  • If you decide on one with a bag, then see how does is work, if the bag is heavy when it’s full, and also the capacity. You don’t want to empty it all the time.
  • Also consider the starter type – electric or rope pull, controls, options for adjusting the height, width of the cut, drive speeds, safety systems, warranty.
  • Maintenance is very important . It allows you to use the mower at full potential.
  • You can find mowers that help you handle leafs too. They have a vacuum-like system that catches them and then shreds them.
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