Changing the blades of a lawn mower

Over the time lawn mower blades tend to become dull. This happens because sometimes you hit a rock or some solid object, or hard plants. These can also break and chip the blades.

Replace them once a year to use you lawn mower at full capacity.

Disassembling the blade fixture

  • if you’re lawn mower is on gasoline, remove the spark plug wires to avoid any accidents.
  • Tilt the lawn mower to have access to the blades.
  • use a socket and a ratchet to loosen the bolts that keep the blades aligned and fixed.
  • remove the brackets that lock the blades.
  • all the removable parts need to be placed in a safe spot because you will use them on the next step.
  • take the blades off.

Reassembling the blade fixture

  • now you need to slide the blade adapter back
  • line up the new blade. Any prints on the blade should be facing downwards.
  • lock the blades with the brackets
  • replace the bolt to properly secure the blade. Tighten it as best as you can.
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