Cheap ways to landscape your garden

You want to landscape your garden with little money? Then be very meticulous with everything you do. First draw a sketch of your house and yard and note any improvement you want, like patios, decks, driveways, flower beds, walkways, walls. You can do the project by steps, like this you will spend less money at once.

If you are not sure about your sketch, you can ask for the opinion of an architect, this will be cheaper than hiring him to do the work.

What to do?

  1. For the walkways and paths use poured concrete, concrete pavers or “1/4 inch minus” angular gravel. Don’t buy smooth stones like pea gravel. Remove all weeds.
  2. Go to yard sales, thrift stores or big box stores where you can buy cheap things. Find low price but interesting tables and seats and use them to beautify your patios or decks. Decorate the place with plants in containers, an outdoor rug. For evening lighting put candle lanterns, tiki torches, outdoor lamps, post lights.
  3. If you are into water attractions, place a fountain in your garden. You can buy it at any home improvement store, as well as liners and pumps. Use concrete blocks to design a retaining wall. Add an arbor or a trellis to create a more relaxing corner.
  4. In order to fertilize the lawn and maintain it green for a longer period of time use small layers of chopped-up grass clippings and slow-release nitrogen. You can use fescue seed, a drought resistant plant that doesn’t need much fertilizer to flourish. Don’t forget to sharpen the lawn mower blades at least once at six weeks, to keep your lawn healthy.
  5. Plant new flower beds and add a garden hose for a more appealing garden, install edging to avoid encroaching. Use compost and other add-ins for the soil. Protect it with pine needles or by covering it with leaves. Use newspapers beneath the leaves for protection against weeds.
  6. Spend your money on trees, flowers and shrubs that are well known to grow in your area. Buy them in late summer when are cheaper, plant perennials and less than you first planed. You can fill the blanks next year from those you already have.
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