Choosing a riding lawn mower

Before you run to the appliance store you need to take in consideration some important things.


Regular riding mowers have the engine positioned in the front of the machine and it’s rear-wheel driven. It can be steered with the front wheels.

A zero turn mower has the engine positioned in the rear and it gives you a perfect view of the path in front of you. This machine has individual rear wheel steering.


All regular riding mowers steer the same way. They use a steering wheel just like a car, while zero turn mowers use levers. The engine’s rotation force turns a pulley pump that pressurizes the transmission fluid. The levers also control the speed. The nice thing is that you can turn in a circle with the help of a pivot.


The two models can be found in many sizes. The range varies from 38 to 46 inches for normal riding mower and 36 to 72 inches for zero turn mowers. The engines have a power that ranges from 12.5 to 26 hp.


Zero turn mowers will do the job much faster and easier than normal riding mowers. Because they have a wider cut they will finish the job faster and also because of the larger engine, you will save even more time. Also you can cut the grass in places that normal riding mowers can’t reach.


Zero turn mowers are a little bit more expensive than other mowers, but they are time saving machines. You should consider buying a bigger engine only if you have hilly areas to mow.

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