Electrical lawn mowers ratings

Electrical lawn mowers have a few more advantages than gasoline powered ones. They use less energy, they are eco friendly, they are more portable because of their weight and they aren’t as noisy. Although they have many advantages, they can’t be compared with gasoline mowers when it comes to power and capacity.

Advantages and disadvantages for electric mowers

Gasoline powered mowers can cover a larger area than an electric one. They are also better for taller grass. Electric mowers are easy to store and also a lot more easy to handle. Also we can add the advantages above, eco friendly, lightweight, less noisy.

Important disadvantages

The main disadvantage is the limitation of cords and batteries. Electric mowers cannot cover an area larger than 100 square yards. A power cord is no longer than 100 feet and batteries don’t last longer than an hours. This is why gasoline powered mowers are great for large yards.


Electric mowers can be found from a price that ranges from 100 to$300. They are usually more expensive than gasoline powered ones but this is not always the case. The most important thing is that electric mowers have parts that are harder to find.

Covered area

Usually electric mowers have small blades that cover small areas, but you can also find brands that can reach 20 inches swath. These are almost as wide as gas mowers.

Tall grass

Electric mowers are not great for cutting tall grass. They don’t have enough power. Also high adjustment can be a pain.


Every mower represent a danger for the users, and electric mowers don’t make any difference. Always wear protection.

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