Ideas for low maintenance and small budget landscaping

To grow a beautiful landscape around your house it is necessary to have some free time and available money. There are several things to take into account when you decide to arrange your landscape such as: temperature, sun, shade, dampness, etc. Then you have to find the cheapest solutions to maintain it.

  1. Grass vs ground cover plants

To keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, you have to water and mow it periodically. Pesticides, fertilizers and weed-destroyers are also required if you want a long-lasting green living carpet for your pets and children. If not, you can replace it with low ground cover plants, such as Pachysandra terminalis.

  1. Walkways and patios

Replace the expensive wooden decks with slate or stone to make ground level patio areas. You can achieve the materials for free from a local quarry or a river. Besides the fact that you save money, these stones require low-maintenance- just need to be cleaned up from time to time. Stone walkways can veer between planting areas and broaden to create seating areas.

  1. Replace fences with hedges

Instead of using fences which are very expensive and require painting and staining periodically, use shrubs to create hedges. For example, Rhamnus Frangula is a variety of shrub that grows very quickly and all it needs is a well – drained soil and sun. Syringe Vulgaris or lilacs is ideal to be planted for its strong-smelling flowers. A well-drained soil and a sunny place will make lilacs thrive in your garden.

  1. Mulch

Use mulch to protect your soil from excessive humidity, erosion and weeds. You have to cover the ground around trees and shrubs with mulch; use it to flowerbeds too.  Although wood chips, bark and sawdust are not expensive at all, try to use stone instead because it does not need too much maintenance.

  1. Other plants and trees

It is better to grow plants adapted to your regional climate because they are resistant and easy to maintain. Choose evergreen trees that grow in a short time and don`t need a lot of time and money to remain beautiful and healthy. Protect your lawn against weeds sowing ground cover plants. When planting perennial flowers, don`t forget to mulch them.

To make your landscape more beautiful and attractive, plant Oregon boxwood or Maiden grass in your yard.

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