Most useful companions for roses

Are you passionate about roses? If you want to beautify your garden and amaze everybody, then mix them with herbs that not only defend roses against insect pests by covering their smell and lead them elsewhere, but also attract useful insects into the garden and realize a colorful and relaxing corner.

Here are some plants and their special actions:

The Fuller rose beetles, found in Mexico and other 30 states, destroy roses by extreme drought and favor fungal infestation, adults attack the foliage and the larvae destroy roots. Parsley plants, planted between roses, defend against rose beetles.

Other plants affected by beetles: citrus, potatoes, strawberries, beans, peaches, rhubarb.

Part of sunflower family, feverfew grows especially in Europe and bloom from July to October with yellow flowers similar to daisies. When planted next to roses, feverfew radiates a hostile scent that revokes aphids. Those are soft-bodied pests that affect the bases of the leaves, which fade and become yellow. Most affected is the aspect of the roses, aphids does not cause the death of this plants.

Dwarf conifers are used in companion planting for appearance only. By mixing it with roses, makes an appealing variance of outstanding colors .

Marigolds are most commonly used to deflect the action of pests. Radiates a persistent scent that distract harmful insects and the roots produce a secretion that offer protection against nematodes.

When deciding which type of companion plants should you grow in your rose garden take into consideration some important factors like colour and growth habits. Also, inform yourself about the properties of every plant. There are some that attract pests, like nasturtiums. Aromatic herbs like garlic and fennel enlarge Japanese beetle action. On the other part there are some healthy plants: savory, chamomile and thyme that favor good insects like ladybugs and praying mantis.

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