Sharpening lawn mower blades

It’s crucial that you keep your lawn mowers blades sharp. This way you will use the mower at full potential. You will also save a lot of time if your mower will cut the grass faster.

  • to avoid any accidents while removing the blades, remove the spark plug wires.
  • use a wrench and loosen the bolt that hols the blades in place.
  • when you start sharpening the blade, make sure that you use the file to follow the angle. It should be of 45 degrees.
  • you should file the blades on either side and the same number of times. This should be done not to off balance the blade.
  • now reattach the blade. Re-secure the bolt and fix the blades.
  • if the blade is not perfectly balanced, vibrations will certainly damage them and the mower. Use some special tool to balance it. These can be found at any hardware store.
  • now reattach the spark plug wires and try the mower.
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