St. Augustine grass mowers

St. Augustine grass is a kind of warm weather grass. Although is a little harder than temperate whether grass it’s not as difficult to cut as other warm weather grass.

A reel motor mower should do the job. Also rotary mowers are great.

Reel vs rotary mowers

  • think about the time that you have to maintain your lawn. It will take longer to cut the grass with a reel mower. If you have a small and you don’t want to spend much money on the mower, than a reel one is perfect for you. Rotary mowers are great for larger areas and for quick maintenance.
  • then you should consider the look of the grass. Reel mowers cut it smoothly and give it a nice look. It is also healthier to cut it this way. Rotary motors can damage the grass.
  • Rotary motors are great if you have your lawn on a hill, because it’s harder to push the reel motor on a slope. Reel motors work better on flat surfaces.
  • also costs are important. Reel mowers are a lot cheaper than rotary ones. They are also environmental friendly.

Reel mower

  • reel mowers can also be found on an electric alternative. An electric reel mower is easier to handle, although is much heavier.
  • you can also find wider reel mowers. These are great for larger lawn.
  • the disadvantage of reel mowers is that you need to cut the grass when it’s 1 to 3 inches big.
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