Ways of adjusting a Rain Bird sprinkler system

The company Rain Bird produces lawn sprinklers heads and systems. This allows you to easily water the grass. But if a sprinkler head is out of line it can alter the process of spreading the water.

You can realign the sprinkler head by following a few steps.

  1. First turn off the Rain Bird lawn sprinkler system
  2. Clench the screw of the sprinkler head you want to modify a few turns by using a screwdriver, in order to diminish the distance the sprinkler head sprays.
  3. Sometimes the sprinklers are not well adjusted and the water is spread on sidewalks or streets rather than grass. You can also change the direction by griping the sprinkler head and turning the nozzle in the direction you want.
  4. In order to establish how far it sprays, identify the numbers on the nozzle of a VAN, or variable arc nozzle,  and change it by turning left or right.
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