White birch tree pests

With a white bark and heart-shaped leaves, white birch is one of the trees preferred by gardeners. Natives to South America, the paper birch and gray birch are resistant to various climate types. But this doesn’t mean they are not susceptible to pests.

  In order to have healthy birch trees, you have to find out methods to protect them.


  •  Take care to plant your birch tree in a suitable environment. You should know that these trees don’t like dry and acid land; use a moist soil to have a healthy and pest protected tree.
  • Don’t forget to fertilize and water the soil if necessary. A dry soil, poor in nutrients will make your birch tree vulnerable and finally, will kill him.
  •  Birch leafminers are very little insects who’s larva consume the leaves of birch trees. These insects infest the leaves by provoking yellow spots which grow until the leaves die.
  • Dead branches and leaves can hide bronzed birch borers so cut them immediately to avoid infestation. Bronzed birch borers suck the juice from the tree, killing him.
  • Try to keep your birch tree’s bark safe; an injured birch tree is very vulnerable to bronzed leaf borers. Although the bark of white birches is used to build canoes, try to remove only a small amount from each tree.
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