4 Ways of Hand Watering the Greenhouse

There are several ways to water the greenhouse, depending on the plants you have inside.  This article is about 4 ways of watering your greenhouse.

Watering cans

The most used and one of the easiest methods of watering.

They are easy to use, easy to store, and they come in different sizes, so think of the size of the greenhouse when you buy them. They are made to water from above, so don’t use salt water. If you need to feed the plants a certain nutriment, use e system of cans.  They are made from metal or metal can be used as pots after their main purpose can no longer be achieved.

Misters and Sprayers

There are two types of such units that have the feature of water-flow control: manual and plugged-in. For the first one you’ll have to create suction and after to pull a trigger to let the water fall. The second one functions with an electric pomp. Both are small, easy to use and inexpensive.

Nozzles and Garden Hoses

They don’t necessarily need to be used alone. Depending on the greenhouse size and your need not to control the flow, you can just use the hose. If however you need flow control, you can easily attach o nozzle to the hose. The nozzle will transform the flow into mist, hard spray or stream, depending on the kind of nozzle. They are the most economic gardening supply a rookie can buy.

Spray Bottles

The perfect solution for greenhouse watering. You can set them to water the soil or mist the leaves. They are cheap and come in different colors, which helps you create a code for different types of water (high on different nutriments), or you can simply write on it what plant is it destined for. They are usually used for sensitive plants, that need a delicate touch in everything, even watering.

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