Building greenhouse roll-up sides

Roll-up sides can turn out to be very beneficial for the greenhouse. They are easy to take off to ventilate the inside of the greenhouse, and easy to lower and prevent pest infestation.


No matter how you choose to build the greenhouse, make sure you do not build in on swamp-like ground.

The most important role in picking the location is played by the plants you want to grow. If they need more shade, build it underneath some trees. Keep in mind that you might need a building permit from the authorities, so get with a building inspector and gather all the information before you start the construction.

The Setup

Once you gathered all the materials you can start building. Start by placing a metal pipe or galvanized tubes at the bottom of the greenhouse sides (you must make sure they are the same lenght as the sides) , set screw so that junctions hold, and place the pipe onto the plastic on the ground. Roll the plastic on the pipe until you form a roll-up.

Plastic Securing

After you finished the step above, make sleeves to go onto the pipes that will held the plastic onto the metal pipes. If you really want to make sure that happens, you can add self tapping screws to the pipes. The pipes will work as a unit, rolling-up the plastic on the greenhouse, and in case of windy weather, you can add ropes to keep the plastic in place.

Rolling-up Sides – Advantages

Ventilation is of utmost importance when in comes to proper plant development. You wouldn’t think that during winter the air inside the greenhouse can get too hot. Well, it can happen. One of the advantages of the roll-up sides is that they can ensure good ventilation even if they’re lifted just a little. Another advantage is the fact that they prevent diseases and fungi.

Roll-up sides can be added to all greenhouses, no matter their size. Yet another advantage is that they come with the hardware necessary to build them.

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