Greenhouse climate control

The climate inside the greenhouse represents an eco-system of its own, that is highly dependent on you, but which can also be automated. In order for you to control the greenhouse climate, we offer you some tips.

The temperature

This factor depends on the sun and on the ventilation of the greenhouse.

Greenhouses are made to trap inside the sun rays that transform into thermal energy. Control the temperature by opening the doors or opening vents every now and then, otherwise the temperature will rise inside as long as the sun is up. Air conditioning is also a solution, but only in extreme cases.


The plants perform a process name transpiration, which is done through the pores on the leaves. They release moisture, and that is why the humidity inside the greenhouse is at a maximum. The ways to control it are identical to the temperature control.


You have to make the plants think that outside it’s another season. Make them believe that the sun is lit early in the morning or in late afternoons. For this use extra light and you might even have to use heaters.

Constant Monitoring

The ongoing monitoring and adjustment is time consuming, but you can make things easier if you automate some processes.

Controlling Temperature

It’s  the easiest  and cheapest aspects to automate. Connect the vents to a system of rods to open and close, depending on the temperature inside. To be absolutely sure you control it, you can install a heater.

Humidity Control

This aspect proves to be more difficult to automate. Moving air does not have the same level of humidity, so it would be hard to set up the sensors. What you can do though is to reduce the high levels of humidity by installing a dehumidifier.

Soil Control

This is what usually gardeners do. They just do test to see the acidity and moisture of the soil.


The automatic systems have been used by commercial growers in large scale greenhouses for years. The technology has been standardized and adapted to smaller greenhouses too, so now you can use it in your backyard greenhouse as well.

Automation Menu

Nowadays, the automatic greenhouse control is available for everyone. You have the possibility of choosing from all kind of monitors, like humidity and temperature, which are basic, all the way to acidity and moisture of the soil monitors. You have all the tools necessary to create the ideal climate for your plants.

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