Greenhouse foundation Yes or No?

Before you start constructing your greenhouse, you think if you should first construct a greenhouse foundation. Before you make a decision, think about the greenhouse frame you want and also the aspects that will be disused in this article.

The necessity of a foundation

The foundation is not a necessity for your greenhouse.

Many greenhouses of different sizes are build without a foundation, as a free-standing unit, with no negative effect on the plants inside. But there are situation where the foundation is a necessity, such as earthquake zones.


Greenhouse foundations are made form all kind of materials. You can choose from wooden foundations, poured cement or concrete wall foundations. The first option is easy to do by yourself, while the second and last may require the help of a professional.

Building codes

Before you start working on the foundation, go check the local authorities. It is possible that you may need a permit to construct the foundation, or more unpleasant cases when the law forbids the construction of foundations or that you can use only one type of foundation and the construction done by professionals.

If the law states that you can not build the foundation, don’t despair. You can use landscaping fabric, rocks or bricks.

The costs 

The cheapest solution is the wood foundation, made by 4x4s. The cement options are more expensive and if you need to hire a professional, the labor cost will increase  the price. It’s best that you set a budget for the entire greenhouse and try to stick to it.

Other considerations

If you opt for the cement foundation, you will have to first clean the ground of plants and level it. Now, if you live a cold climate area, put the foundation and the frame deep into the ground. In warm areas, a few inches are enough.

If you have to insulate the foundation with foam, do it at the depth of the frost line. Also keep in mind that the frame has to be secured to the foundation, so think how you’re going to do that, considering the materials the foundation is made of.

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