Greenhouse plastics

Among the upsides of using greenhouse plastic on your greenhouse, it’s worth mentioning that it is much easier to build and much cheaper than a glass frame greenhouse. Replacing the glass, the plastic will be the one keeping the humid and warm climate inside the greenhouse, and depending on the type of plastic you use, you can grow plans inside all year.

Greenhouse plastic – what is it?

Let’s start with something you all know, the easy to tear regular plastic.

Well, the greenhouse plastic is more durable, specially made to stand up to weather and resist tearing. People prefer to use the greenhouse plastic because it lowers the cost of building a greenhouse, and also because it perfect for wrapping the sides of the greenhouse frame.

Greenhouse plastic – Types

Many types of plastic are used to make greenhouse plastics. Nonetheless, no matter the type of plastic, the greenhouse plastic will last for only 2 or 3 years, without taking into consideration extreme weather, after it will have to be changed.

Polyethylene plastic

They come in two strengths: utility grade for personal use and commercial grade for industrial use. The first category is mostly used by greenhouse owners. Kept in good conditions, it will last you for a year or two.

Copolymer plastic

This type of plastic is more durable than the first one and longer lasting. You’ll have to change it every three years or so, because the weather will make it brittle. There are copolymer plastic that mimic the effects of glass, but of course, they are more expensive.

Polyvinyl plastic

It is the most expensive and most durable so far. If you choose this type, your greenhouse will benefit from its strenght. Also, if you take good care of it, it will last for at least five years.

Polycarbonate plastic

Last but not least, the most durable plastic of all, the polycarbonate, made form double walled polyethylene plastic. With proper care, it will stay on your greenhouse for up to ten year.

Take a look into these plastics for an easy to build, not so expensive greenhouse, if you plan on constructing yourself one.

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