Greenhouse watering mistakes

Greenhouses are the perfect solution if you want to grow plants that need protections in their early growth phase. Greenhouses are also the solution for growing regular plants in regions where the climate is dry or cold. In this article we will talk about watering mistakes and what can you do to avoid them.

Over watering

People tend to over water the plants if they see that their leaves wilt, and it is more of a problem if you live in a dry climate area. For the garden plants,unprotected by the greenhouse, more water is not a problem. It becomes an issue for the plants inside the greenhouse. People forget that the greenhouse is a closed system, with humidity at very high levels, therefore the plants inside require less water.

There are ways to avoid this mistake. First of all, don’t water if you see wilt leaves. They are not a stable indicator. The main indicator is the soil. If the soil is dry and the air is hot, you should definitely proceed watering the plants.

The best moment to water the plants is either in the morning or in cool cloudy days.  If you choose to water them, let’s say, in the afternoon, you risk a greenhouse mist, which will cause diseases.

High-Pressure Watering

There are people who don’t have the time or do not want to waste their time watering the plants, so they buy and use drip and misters. The problems is that some of these mechanisms require high-pressure when watering, and the pressure is harmful to the plants. It can damage the seedling, injure the plants making them susceptible to diseases or brake their stem and kill them.

That is why it is advisable to hand water the plants, with either a hose or a can. Either way, make sure to pour the water gently. Try to mimic a gentle rain, that’s the ideal pressure for the plants.

Water on Leaves

Avoid watering the leaves. The idea of greenhouse watering is to water the soil. From there the plants will absorb it and utilize it in their processes. You can spray water onto the leaves once every month to clean the dust and dirt.

Water of Poor Quality

There are situations in which the water used in watering contains pollutant or is to high on salts and minerals. Some people tend to resolve the later problem by applying softeners, but they don’t know they make the water even less growth friendly.

The softeners contain sodium, and once sprayed on the soil it will have a negative effect on it. The solution to this problem is simple. Use softener-free water.

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