The portable greenhouse

Portable greenhouses are perfect for those who move or travel a lot.  Before purchasing one, think of what needs the greenhouse must fulfill, and choose between a regular or cold greenhouse and a heated greenhouse.

The cold greenhouse is the simplest one on the market, because the heating is done naturally, by the sun.

Its main drawback is that the growing season is influenced, even stopped by the weather or the first frost.

After choosing between them, pick the one that fits your need. You the possibility of choosing from different styles of portable greenhouses, mini greenhouses and hobby greenhouses.

How does the portable greenhouse work?

Well, it work like any other greenhouse. The sun emits infrared rays, the short ones penetrate the glass and transform into long waves rays that can’t get out, becoming thermal energy. That, along with the greenhouse gases  provides a humid and warm environment for the plants to grow in, the gases acting like a blanket for the greenhouse.

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